JAAM WASTE-Recycle Project

JAAM WASTE-Recycle Project

Our project for Coolest Projects 2017

JAAM WASTE is the project thought and realized by us, four guys of “Coderdojo Brianza”: Jacopo, Andrea, Alessia and Marta. Some mentors have been by our side.

from the left: Alessia, Jacopo, Marta, Andrea

Have you ever got through that moment when, going out from home,you didn’t know where to throw away something? Aren’t you thinking about the sick idea to leave the trash on the ground, is it correct? You are not thinking of leaving the trash on the ground, right? The  The whole project started from this question.

JAAM is the acronym of our names. Our bin has been created for make the recycling easier and funnier.

How does it works

This project, that can also be considered as a mission, will consists of helping the environment.

The future bins will have an automatic opening that will turn on when the trash will be laid on the bin’s cover, provided with a sensor that will allow the cover to open

After having thrown away the trash, a program will be able to identify if you’ve recycled it accurately  and, if you did, through an App (downloaded on an Android smartphone) it will be possible to “scan” the barcode that will appear on the bin’s cover to obtain a reward. Throwing the trash in the bin will not be only a respectful move for the environment but also an advantage for ourselves.

The team

Andrea: he’s 12 years old and he’s a nice guy, quite tall and very involved in this project. Last year he obtained the white belt and the yellow one in “Scratch”.

Marta: she’s 12 years old, too. She’s very shy but she is working a lot for this

mission. Last year she obtained the white belt and the yellow one in “Python”.

Alessia: she’s going to be 11  soon. She recently joined  the project but we like her because she’s really motivated.

Jacopo: that’s me. I’m 11 and this project has been an idea of mine. I thought about this project for two reasons: the first is because  first of all, I want to help the environment and the second reason, the most important one, is that because seeing a lot of people throwing trash on the ground got me so annoyed. I reached all the requests, and in May I’m going to obtain the white belt in “Scratch”.

The mentors

from the left: Fabio & Renzo

Fabio: he’s been the first mentor helping us, he really enjoys testing, he does a lot of online researches and he suggests us very high-level aims. He gets as enthusiastic as we are!

Renzo: he’s shy too, even if in difficult moments he always gives us assistance. He’s Andrea’s dad. He mostly follows the programming side of the project and thanks to our mission he started using a new program: App inventor.

The Coolest Projects 2017

Coderdojo Foundation is in Dublin, Ireland, and it’s there that we’ll expose this project. Every year Coderdojo Foundation organizes two meetings: one is for the exchanging of opinions and for the meeting between (the) mentors, parents and ninjas, the other one, the one we are more interested in, is a meeting where each Coderdojo develops a project that will be exposed by guys from all over the world. Some judges will evaluate each project. During the ceremonies, we guys will be inside an auditorium while our parents will see us from a maxi screen. We guys are so excited and we’re dying to expose our project, and hope to win!

The Future

The JAAM WASTE won’t stop here: the town administration of Mezzago, where we had some of our meetings, expressed some interest in our project. Probably our prototype will be produced in big quantitates and it will be installed in Mezzago and Bellusco’s schools, to encourage students, teachers and janitors to recycle. We hope our project will be spread all over the world!


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